Vorda (vörda) is a wellness tea importer and essential oil distributor based in Los Angeles, California. We source the finest tea leaves and botanicals from around the world and are committed to offering premium handcrafted tea and essential oil blends. Every tea and botanical uniquely incorporates Scandinavian design for a presentable gifting.

Behind this simplistic brand are two tea connoisseurs - Rufus and Theodore, who share a passion for all things health and wellness. They started in 2019 with the goal of providing healthy substitutes to high-calorie boba teas and artificial candle scents, while not sacrificing the taste and aromas.

Founded on the key principle of respect, Vorda promises to support communities, inspire healthy lifestyles, and preserve nature. Vorda integrates sustainable practices into everything we do, from seeking the finest natural ingredients to making a conscious effort to reduce their carbon footprint. In the future, Vorda plans to bring even more natural aromas, innovative tea blends, and essential oils to our valued customers.

Vorda offers blended loose leaf teas, individual tea bags, tea tumblers, customized essential oil blends, and handcrafted wood diffusers.